Digital Globalisation : Digital Localisation

Wednesday, 23 October 2019
2.00pm – 5.00pm
Price: $110.00 (conference delegates) / $200.00 (non conference delegates)
Location: The Masterclass will be held in the lecture theatre of the Eleanor Harrald Building at Lot Fourteen. Please see map below for directions to the Eleanor Harrald Building.

A condensed version of ICF’s day-long Masterclass workshop, which focuses on how cities can turn digital connectivity into local value. The ICF Method shows communities how to use the powerful and disruptive tools of the digital age to grow their economies, societies and culture – the things that make a city or region a great place to live, work, start a business and raise the next generation. The workshop will present the Method, roadmaps for its implementation and practical examples from other communities. Bring your challenges for discussion and leave the room with practical ideas for next steps.

Presented by Robert Bell, co-founder, Intelligent Community Forum.

* Cost includes light refreshments

Please click here if you are unable to attend the conference but would like to purchase a ticket to attend the Masterclass.

About Lot Fourteen

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In the heart of Adelaide, a city recognised as one of the world’s most progressive places, our new neighbourhood is ready to change the game and discover the excitement of innovation.

Sitting at the forefront of culture and technology, bold ideas, new ventures and creative thinking, Lot Fourteen is a globally significant nucleus of diverse, yet connected industries and a place for everyone to come, be inspired and enjoy. 

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